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Yogi Tea Choco (17 sachets) - Organic Product

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In stock Yogi Tea
Organic agriculture product
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Exotic spices from the Far East mixed with cocoa shells from South America give this tea a unique taste and a wonderful aroma.

The exquisite flavors of ginger and cinnamon blend subtly with the unmistakable cocoa extract to warm the body and spirit. Choco Tea is a delicious festive drink that will inspire feelings of joy in every cup.

Recommended for: Improving energy levels, alertness and mental clarity. Relieves fatigue.

Ingredients: Cocoa Shell (56%), Cinnamon (15%), Licorice (14%), Carob, Barley Malt, Skim Cocoa Powder (2%), Cardamom, Ginger, Cloves, Ginger Oil, Black Pepper, Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon Oil, Seeds vanilla.

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