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Insoles Confort Coimbra (№ 43/44)

#20211026 111525
Immediately available Coimbra
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The insole is made based on the best 4.5mm thick latex foam (double casting) with activated charcoal to take care of hygiene and control odors inside the shoe.

The upper part consists of a thin layer of high quality calf suede, vulcanized and without glue, thus acquiring the property to become very durable, not to harden with cooling, not to melt with heating, to allow proper hydration of the foot and control sweating.

The anatomical construction of this insole helps in the correct support of the body weight and allows a relaxed and hassle-free gait.

Its elegant design has been carefully taken care of as its shape and color adapt to any type of shoe.

These are really high quality and technology insoles that will offer you the feeling of relaxation.

Ecological and healthy, ideal for hard shoes: trecking, work, military use, hunting, etc.