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Graviola Powder

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Graviola powder is the fruit of the Annona muricata plant. The fruit contains vitamin C, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2. Graviola also contains a small amount of niacin, riboflavin, folic acid and iron.


  • It kills cancer cells
  • Helps with diabetes
  • Reduces runny nose
  • Treats spasms
  • Broad-spectrum antimicrobial against bacteria and fungi
  • Against gastrointestinal parasites
  • To regulate high blood pressure
  • Helps with depression
  • For nervous disorders In heart diseases
  • Asthma
  • Liver problems
  • Arthritis

How to use: 1 teaspoon daily in water, juice or yogurt before meals.

Do not use during pregnancy or breast-feeding.

People taking antidepressants or having low blood pressure should consult their doctor.

*We do not provide medical advice. The information we provide is for informational purposes only and in no way replaces the opinion, medication and visit to a doctor or other health specialist. The substances they contain may interact with a drug that the patient is already taking and may neutralize their therapeutic effect or cause toxicity.