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Tonka Beans

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Tonka beans come from New Guinea and Brazil and are flat, wrinkled black fruits. They give a scent that combines vanilla, cinnamon, saffron, beef, chopped grass, bitter almond and clove, but they are somewhat reminiscent of mahlep at the same time.

They are used in very small quantities to flavor savory dishes, sweet preparations and cocktails.

In confectionery, always grated at the last minute. Flavors sweets with chocolate, coffee or citrus, but also cookies, ice cream or creams.

In the food, the mild notes of bitter almond highlight various purees, tomato sauces, fish soups, scallops, lobster and poultry.

Combines with vanilla, coconut, anise and pepper. Its aromas multiply next to the cherries, apricots and lemon yuzu.

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