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Bourbon Pepper

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Bourbon pepper is the fruit of a special climbing plant of the Piperaceae family. It resembles vine plant and grows only on the tall trees of the rainforests of Madagascar. Pepper grains are collected by hand. These grains, which are very delicate, grow only on the young shoots of the vine at a height of between ten and twenty meters, they are very difficult to harvest.

It has woody, earthy and floral notes of flavor, and despite its intensity it has a very delicate taste of fresh pepper with a noticeable citrus note.

A fascinating blend - a wild forest pepper that awakens the senses!

Dried bourbon pepper is ideal for cooking or seasoning pickled vegetables and savory sweets.

With its complex and versatile flavors, bourbon pepper has a wide range of uses in the kitchen. It goes well with fine fish and lamb or pork dishes.