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Rose Water (Rodostamo) Apalarina (350ml)

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This extremely pure rose petal water, with the characteristic aroma is a distillate of rose petals that bloom on the island of Chios.

Suitable for many uses, it can be used in confectionery, cooking or as a tonic or cleanser for face and body.

Rose water is the best known of all flower waters (water derived from flower blossoms).

It is ideal when the skin of the face is irritated or has an annoying and persistent "redness".

Its action is mainly soothing. For this reason it is especially useful in cases of acne and burns.

Rose water can restore the natural pH of the skin, but also promote the reproduction of new cells in the skin! And it also increases the natural elasticity of the skin.

Apart from its refreshing and soothing action, rose water is also known for its wonderful aroma. Use it in your bathroom and benefit from its vapors, which offer relaxation and relief from stress, as well as the unique aroma that it will leave on your body.

Chios rose water is 100% pure. It does not contain any chemicals, preservatives or additives.

In a glass bottle to maintain its freshness and aroma to the maximum!

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