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Natural Vanilla Bourbon

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Vanilla is a climbing plant that grows large flowers. The popular sprigs that we use are its fruits, which are collected, wetted, subjected to fermentation and drying. They have a soft, oily texture and chocolate color and are widely used in confectionery recipes mainly. The aroma of vanilla is unique, special, sweet and is widely used in the food, beverage and perfume industry.

Cut the vanilla in two with a sharp knife and with a teaspoon take its thick seeds and use them in your recipe. After using its seeds, you can place its sprigs in a jar with sugar. After about 20 days it will be flavored and you can use this sugar in sweets and drinks. Use its sprig after you have taken its seeds as a decoration in sweets or to flavor filter coffee. Finally, you can powder the dried pods (in the coffee grinder) and add them to your recipes.