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Fig Honey Moschouta Estates (250ml) - Organic Product

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Organic agriculture product
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Fig honey is a natural sweetener from the distillate of dried figs of Evia with the addition of only water.

It can be used in cold dishes and salads or in a refreshing bowl with yogurt and fruit. It is consumed plain or in combination with drinks as a liqueur, in cold and hot drinks. Accompanies unique, yogurt ice creams, salads (greens, pasta). Recommended by chefs for gourmet dishes. 

Preserved for a long time, retains many of the nutritional benefits of dried figs, is invigorating, tonic, with a particularly pleasant sweet taste, without preservatives and dyes.

It is rich in iron and has antioxidant properties.

Greek product from the Moschouta Estates Kastaniotissa of Evia.