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Yogi Tea Men's Tea (17 sachets) - Organic Product

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Organic agriculture product
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Ayurveda the holistic system from ancient India recognizes that a man must know how to re-energize himself regularly to keep his body fit and strong.

A balanced routine guarantees an active and productive life. With daily exercise, proper rest and a healthy diet that meets his constitution and lifestyle, they are essential.

Food not only affects a man's health but also his strength. According to Ayurveda, potency is related to sexual function, while potency is also a man's ability to project himself outwardly to be creative and effective.

Men's tea has a roasted spicy flavor combined with earthy ginger. Enjoy it everyday.

Recommended for : Stimulation. Strengthening endurance.

Ingredients: Ginger (15%), Cardamom, Licorice, Carob, Cinnamon, Barley Malt, Roasted Radish, Mint, Chives, Fennel, Nutmeg (2%), Anise, Ginseng Root (2%), Allspice, Turmeric, Chili (1%) , cinnamon oil, black pepper.

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