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Schisandra Berries Powder - Organic Product

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Organic agriculture product
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Schisandra is a deciduous, woody climbing plant, which can grow up to 8 meters and has flowers and small fruits with a deep red color. It is native to East Asia, Korea and Japan.


  • Reduces inflammation. Thanks to its high concentration of antioxidants, schisandra helps fight free radical damage and reduces inflammatory reactions - which are at the root of modern diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Helps inhibit the development of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), balances blood sugar, prevents diabetes and brings the body to an optimal acid-base balance.
  • It supports the function of the adrenal glands, helping us to deal with the effects of stress. It helps balance hormones naturally and, therefore, improves our ability to cope with stress, anxiety, exposure to toxins, emotional trauma, mental fatigue and mental illness.
  • Improves liver function and digestive health. Helps increase the production of enzymes, enhances antioxidant activity and improves circulation, digestion and the ability to remove waste from the body. Because liver health is associated with stronger immunity, schisandra has been found to protect against infections, indigestion and various gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Protects the skin. It is a natural beauty tonic that is able to protect the skin from wind, sun exposure, allergic reactions, dermatitis, environmental stress and the accumulation of toxins. It has been widely used to treat skin conditions due to its anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Improves mental performance, promotes mental clarity and increases energy levels. It makes you feel calmer while fighting fatigue.
  • Helps in healthy sexual function. It is beneficial for fertility and hormonal health, helping to promote a strong libido, preventing sexual dysfunction such as impotence and positively affecting the reproductive organs, including the uterus.

How to use: 1 teaspoon a day in juice, yogurt, porridge, smoothie.

Do not take schisandra during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Some studies have found interactions between sisandra and drugs also used to treat cancer. Because it affects the way drugs are processed by the liver, it may increase the risk of toxicity or reduce the effects of these potentially life-saving drugs.

*We do not provide medical advice. The information we provide is for informational purposes only and in no way replaces the opinion, medication and visit to a doctor or other health specialist. The substances they contain may interact with a drug that the patient is already taking and may neutralize their therapeutic effect or cause toxicity.