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Saffron Filaments (1gr) - Organic Product

In stock Krokos Kozanis
Organic agriculture product
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Saffron comes from the stamens of the flower crocus (crocus sativus).

It has been characterized as the gold of the Greek land and is the most expensive spice.

A valuable spice of ancient civilizations, as it was highly valued for its aroma, color, medicinal and aphrodisiac properties.

Used as a stomach antispasmodic and aphrodisiac.

It has anticoagulant properties, in small doses it soothes kidney pain, helps the appetite and facilitates digestion.

It also protects the heart from cardiovascular disease, enhances mental function and mental clarity and helps with high cholesterol problems.

It is also used for upper respiratory infections and is considered a sedative and mild antidepressant.

Saffron goes well with neutral flavors such as rice, potatoes, pasta, chicken and seafood. It has a strong taste and aroma and should be used in small quantities.

Package: Plastic box of 1gr