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Linden Blossoms & Leaves - Organic Product

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Organic agriculture product
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Beautiful deciduous tree, belongs to the Tiliaceae family, can reach up to 30 meters in height, and lives up to 200 years.

The flowers and leaves are used for medicinal purposes as they contain emollients, volatile oils rich in farnesol, various gluconates, sugars, astringents and substances similar to vitamin E.


  • Against overwork and stress. It can act as a mild hypnotic in neurasthenic, hysterical and hypochondriac patients.
  • Relieves headache, cold, cough and runny nose. It helps with migraines and nervous vomiting.
  • It acts as a mild antipyretic.
  • It dissolves uric acid and is therefore used in arthritis, rheumatism and gout. It has good effects against the urea of diabetics.
  • It works against dropsy, cystitis, constipation, indigestion, spleen and liver blockage. It is thought to help dissolve kidney stones. Fights flatulence. It is used in sciatica and lumbago.
  • Helps with hypertension & arteriosclerosis.

How to use: Pour 1 teaspoon into a cup of hot water for 6-8 minutes, strain and drink. We can drink it 2-3 times a day.

*We do not provide medical advice. The information we provide is for informational purposes only and in no way replaces the opinion, medication and visit to a doctor or other health specialist. The substances they contain may interact with a drug that the patient is already taking and may neutralize their therapeutic effect or cause toxicity.