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Couscous (500gr) - Organic Product

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Organic agriculture product
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Couscous is a coarse semolina which is soaked in water, rolled in flour and left to dry in the sun (in its traditional preparation). It is then sieved and stored.

It is used as a side dish for various meats (just like rice), for grilled vegetables, for fish. It is also used as a filling for vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, etc. It is added to meat soups (and other soups), legumes, salads (the African tabouli is made with couscous instead of bulgur). With milk it is a very nutritious breakfast, while when it coexists with sugar, dried fruits and nuts, rose water and butter it becomes a special dessert.

There is a special device to cook it, which is a utensil with a sieve instead of a bottom that fits into a slightly larger pot. In the pot, boil meat or vegetables (or both together) while in the utensil with the sieve is placed the couscous that is steamed. So, instead of the "special" utensil, fit a strainer in a common pot and you will have the same result.

Sprinkle the couscous with a little water, stir, and put it in the colander. In the pot you can, as it was said, boil meat, vegetables, water with chicken-beef-vegetable cube or plain water. Cover with the lid of the pot. The couscous will be ready in 15'-20 '. In the meantime do not leave it to chance, stir often with a fork to cook evenly and do not make lumps.

Alternatively it is prepared as follows: Boil the water in a pan. Remove from the heat and add the couscous in a ratio of about 1: 1. Leave it for 5 'to swell and soften and it is ready (this is how the instructions you will find in the boxes of the packaged couscous).