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Coconut Oil for Cosmetic Use (100ml)

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Coconut oil is a popular and quite nutritious oil derived from the flesh of ripe coconuts.

Coconut has been the main food source for those living in the tropics for centuries, but its use in industry and cosmetology has established it as a fairly viable commodity.

Coconut is quite beneficial to health in many areas and this is due to its nutritional fiber.

It is moisturizing, makes the skin soft and supple, keeping hydrated even the driest skin.
It is gentle on the skin and an ideal face make-up remover.
Effective against acne.
Removes bacteria and protects against fungal infections.
The antioxidants contained in coconut oil protect from the sun's UV rays, soothe the skin and heal burns.
It penetrates deep into the skin and heals any damage and protects the collagen layer.
It keeps the skin youthful for a longer period of time and maintains its elasticity and firmness.
Reduces wrinkles.
Keeps hair hydrated and prevents dandruff problems.
Prevents and removes lice and nits.
It penetrates deep into the scalp, nourishes and helps hair growth, keeping the hair follicles in good condition.
Fights breaking at the tip of the hair.
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