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Cretan Honey from Thyme & Wild Herbs Romanakis (450gr)

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Honey exclusively from thyme and wild herbs of Crete.

It is produced with love and in a traditional way by Romanakis family during spring and autumn every year.

With an amber color and a caramel taste that lingers on the lips, its unique flavor will take you back in time.

High nutritional value, due to the high concentration of trace elements, sodium and potassium.

It has strong antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.

Excellent quality honey that does not crystallize.

Honey collected from bee swarms, which do not move and visit the most noble herbs of the spring flora of Crete, such as savory, thyme, mountain tea, ebony and other forest plants.

It is a light-colored honey, with a full flavor, rich in minerals and trace elements.