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Cretan Honey from Thyme & Pine Romanakis (450gr)

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It is a unique quality of honey produced exclusively in Crete.

A natural blend produced when the recent thyme harvest is immediately followed by an increased honeydew production in the nearby pine forests. The most popular honey in Crete, where it is traditionally produced, even more popular than thyme, as it combines the aromas and flavors of both types of honey, although the stronger thyme prevails somewhat and is as slow as pine to crystallize. The same goes for its nutritional value and health benefits.

No standard yet exists for Cretan pine thyme honey in terms of its chemical composition and percentage of pollen grains. However, its taste is so characteristic and unforgettable that it is easily recognized and chosen among samples of pine honey.

Cretan pine/ thyme honey is a natural mixture of thyme honey and pine honey. It has been produced in Crete for over a century. Its special production technique, i.e. the selective harvesting of combs in thyme, brood shrinkage in pines and population renewal in autumn, has been passed down from generation to generation of beekeepers as a traditional technique to this day.

This particular type of honey is darker than thyme but lighter than pine honey.

Pine/ thyme honey satisfies even the most demanding consumers as it combines the strong aroma of thyme honey with the unique rich texture of pine honey.

Honey of high nutritional value with tonic and antiseptic properties.

This category of honey has slow crystallization. Over 18-24 months.