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Buckwheat Flour Health Trade (500gr) - Organic Product

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In stock Health Trade
Organic agriculture product
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Buckwheat consumption has been observed to promote cardiovascular health by helping to regulate cholesterol (lowering LDL "bad" cholesterol levels and raising HDL "good" cholesterol) and blood pressure.

Its beneficial properties for the heart are due to its high content of both flavonoids and especially rutin and magnesium.

Thanks to the fiber it contains, it helps regulate blood sugar, as fiber has the property of delaying the absorption of glucose after eating a meal.

At the same time, they significantly help the proper functioning of the intestine, while offering quick satiety.

It's really hard to make fluffy bread with buckwheat flour because the gluten creates the puffiness and buckwheat flour is heavy and difficult to work with.

The effort should be focused on the imagination and the taste and so we recommend the different bread with superfoods.

Ideal for pastries and bread.