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Sandalwood is an evergreen tree that reaches a height of 9 meters with hard leaves and small red flowers. Due to its woody aroma, it is used in aromatherapy and soap making, and due to its antimicrobial effect, it is also used in the cosmetic industry, enhancing other aromas.


  • It is antiseptic, soothing, rejuvenates the skin and is suitable for skin ulcers, wrinkles, varicose veins, tired skin and muscle relaxation.
  • It is popular for its use in the urinary and genital tract thanks to its strong antimicrobial properties. Fights dysentery, gonorrhoea, cystitis and enterobacteriosis.
  • It helps in diseases of the liver and gallbladder/bile as well as in diseases of the digestive system.
  • It has antimicrobial and soothing properties and is used as an antiseptic and soothing skin, for acne and blackheads, daily care and hygiene.
  • It is also useful in inflammatory conditions such as erysipelas and eczema.
  • Regulates skin oiliness.
  • It is relaxing, calms stress and nervousness and helps with mental disorders and meditation.

How to use: Put 1 teaspoon in a pot of water and simmer for 8-10 minutes. Strain and add, if desired, sugar, honey or any sweetener of your choice.

*We do not provide medical advice. The information we provide is for informational purposes only and in no way replaces the opinion, medication and visit to a doctor or other health specialist. The substances they contain may interact with a drug that the patient is already taking and may neutralize their therapeutic effect or cause toxicity.