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Dried Grated Tarragon Leaves

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Tarragon is a perennial herbaceous shrub native to Eastern Europe. Tarragon leaves contain iodine, potassium and vitamins A and C.

The infusion of its leaves can be used against nausea, hiccups, insomnia and acts as a digestive, appetizing and tonic.

Used in salads, sauces of white and red meat and fish, eggs, ice cream, fruit salads etc.

Its leaves are added to soups for aroma. You can put it in the water where you will boil spaghetti. Finally, it is recommended for flavoring vinegar and mustard.

Because tarragon has a strong taste, we should put small amounts in our food. We should also add it to the food towards the end of cooking, otherwise its taste will be altered and its aroma will be lost.

It does not mix well with other herbs except lemon and onions.

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