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Essential Oil Gazia (Acacia or Mimoza) Biosamos (10ml) - Organic Product

Immediately available Biosamos
Organic agriculture product
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Gazia essential oil is obtained from the flowers and twigs of the Gazia tree (Acacia or Mimosa).

It has tonic, antiseptic, emollient, stimulant, inhibitory, analgesic and aphrodisiac properties.

Its aroma strengthens the immune system, has a balancing effect on emotions and its smell lasts for hours.

You can add a few drops of Gazia oil to your bath, for an enjoyable and luxurious bath, as it softens the skin and relaxes the senses.

You can also perfume your space or even wear it as a perfume.

Relieves mental fatigue, balances libido and lifts the mood, thanks to its aphrodisiac and antidepressant properties.